Sports Photography

I am a life long skiier with ski patrol, racing and mountaineering experiance.
If you would like a truely amaizing picture or video of yourself skiing
then please come work with me.























Fine Art Digital Photography

I love digital photography, I often take 10 or more panorama pictures and composite them together.

Then I render 3D models with lighting set to match the photo's and blend those in using a digital painting technique.

Then I will purely paint in what is missing in Photoshop, for instance "cathedral redwoods" ( below ) is over 40 pictures
that have all been painted together.

Then I use the processing tools in Photoshop to make the image as amaizing as possible !




The image below is another composite of 11 digital photos, the background was shot as an 8 image panorama,
my wife and I took each others photos in front of the same scene,
Everything was composited together in Photoshop along with lighting effects to make it blend perfectly.



The image below is another composite of 8 digital photos, the resulting file had enouph resolution to print the image at
36" high by 150" ( 12.5 feet ) wide at 300dpi. , it made a beautiful print.











Portrait Photography


















Website Design Photography :















I made new product photographs for Hay House Publishing for 5 years






Naturaly this is only a very small sampling of my work
Much more is available upon request ...

Please try my Fine Art page Here -